Modern day man is the worst when it comes to handling failure. The moment he fails, he does not immerse himself in the failure, not even for one complete moment. He looks out for a medium to ‘share’ the pain, dispense it with. It can be through an intoxicant, a loved one or more preferably a mix of both. He might even take it out on an object of no significant importance, ascribing to it the significance of pain and disapproval, but to no end.

Man fears pain. He does not want to learn from it. He wants to pretend it never existed in the fear that this may prevent him from moving forward. How does he expect to move forward without understanding why he failed?

Failure shouldn’t be forgotten. The fact that it happened isn’t one you can change, but the fact that it did happen, you shouldn’t be okay with, especially if that wasn’t the original plan.